We teach kids to love innovation using real robots & real coding for robotics.

We use workshops about robotics and A.I. to show them STEM at work.

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Aerobotics Global — Leading the Way in Robotics Education

Robotics and Programming after school programs for kids

Aerobotics Global provides a deep learning experience; giving students an education in technology, robotics and A.I. that shows STEM at work.
Preparing students for the future of study and work through quality robotics education and hands-on experience with real robots.

Robotics Workshops and Holiday Programs

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After School Programs

Regular Classes

Grade 1 - Grade 4

after school foundation of robotics level 1

Junior Robotics

Let your kid dive into the field of robotics, programming languages, coding for robotics and basic structural design with this course. This after-school program helps increase the logical thinking capabilities of kids, helping them be the future of robotics and artificial intelligence.
after school robotics for kids

Junior Programmers

Introduce kids to real time projects and programming early with the Junior Programmers after school program, focusing on application development for robotics.

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Grade 5 - Grade 11

after school foundation of robotics level 1

Foundation of Robotics

This after school program lets your kid get all the elementary knowledge about robotics from programming, microcontrollers and sensors, helping them make their very own first robot--all by themselves! This after school kids programs covers the basics of C, C++ and Java.
after school robotics for kids

After School Java

This after school program & programming courses is designed to make kids learn how to code in Java. You will make basic programs and applications. You will be introduced to the basic algorithms and techniques for a problem. Become the problem solvers of tomorrow and increase your reasoning skills. Don't worry once you get started we have advanced java courses available too.
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What people are saying about us

Don't just take it from us, let our students and their parents do the talking!

  • "I would like more advanced programming,
    cooler robots and cooler names for that
    those robots."


  • "My son just loves attending the robotic classes.
    He is eager to show us what he’s learnt after
    coming back home. The teacher, Sharad, is very
    patient with the kids and makes learning fun.
    I would highly recommend Aerobotics Global."

    Reshma Majid

  • "My daughter joined the robotics class recently
    and she really enjoys attending the class.
    She is learning how to invent games and wants
    to continue programming. Teachers are very friendly
    and supportive. I recommend joining Aerobotics."

    Iranthi Perera

  • "This is a really good program for kids"


  • "Symone has thoroughly enjoyed her first coding
    class. She's already looking forward to making
    her own robot. Mina has been a wonderful teacher
    in introducing the field of robotics to her"


  • "A great program with kind instructors!
    My son felt comfortable and looked forward
    to his robotic classes each week.It's great
    to see an after-school activity that will
    benefit children all through their education
    and in life "

    Nicole & Lachlan Van Riel

Your single source for robotics education

Aerobotics Global is a robotics education and learning centre in Melbourne. With an aim to lead the way in robotics education, we deliver the highest quality learning experience to our clients. We offer a wide range of robotics education programs, including summer courses, workshops, after school programs, programming and coding courses and more to students and teachers. Our courses are best suited for students of all ages. We have a team of certified, knowledgeable and passionate trainers who leave no stone unturned in ensuring students receive hands-on, holistic learning experience. Our learning materials are aligned to Victorian Curriculum and activities based on STEM concepts, including approach to practice real robotics and maintain superior educational standards and prepare future world leaders!

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Inspire your students to become the problem solvers of tomorrow by organising a workshop that will not only introduce them to robotics, but also offer them with a truly innovative and exciting technology-driven learning experience. To schedule an appointment with our experts, please call at 1800 AEROBOTICS (237626) or email at info@aeroboticsglobal.com.

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Don’t worry we never send SPAMS!