After School Robotics Programs for Students at Auburn South PS

We help students fall in love with innovation


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Starts: 27th July 2021* ( Free Trial)

Duration: 8 weeks / Tuesdays

Total Hours: 8 hours

Timings: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Course Cost: $249/Term

Robot Cost: $149**    

 **Pay once for the robot and just pay for the add ons for the next level.

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We help students fall in love with innovation

using “real robots” and “real code”

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After School and Holiday Activities for Kids

"Outstanding program! Our son has loved it and learned so much these last two years, even winning several VIC science competitions with his robot inventions. And heaps better than basic Lego robotics and 'drag-and-drop' coding. ABG is the real deal, feeding our son's passions and excelling his STEM education, while having fun. There's nothing better!"

Robert Gallup, Parent (Hawthorn East)

" Aerobotics Global have been running a Robotics Program at Haileybury for over a year and it has been very successful. The coursework is engaging for the students and they are learning valuable life skills, such as coding, resilience and problem solving. The program caters to students with varying familiarity with robotics and each unit builds upon the knowledge learned in previous terms. The Aerobotics Global staff are approachable and quickly build a rapport with their students. They also provide feedback to the students’ parents regarding their progress. I would definitely recommend this program to other schools and organisations looking to broaden their extra-curricular programs."

Claire Harvey, Teacher (Haileybury)

" ABG program is very structured and educational. He is not only learning robotics but also at the same time learning coding. My son is always being encouraged to be innovative and he has created something that is useful in our daily life. With the product that he has created, he achieved 3rd place in the Youth ICT Explorers. Every week my son is learning robotics as if he is in the real working world and he loves it and appreciates it very much."

Stepheanie Chin, Parent (Doncastor)

" Aerobotics started at our school earlier this year in response to a need to provide students who have a passion for robotics and coding with a more advanced option as part of an after school program initiative . I have to say that the program is been a great success within the school, we are really pleased to see students extremely engaged in the program. Team from Aerobotics have done representation at school assemblies, and have really engaged kids in different ways which they can engage in more advanced tech skills, particular in and around the coding and robotics area. I can surely recommend them to your school, the trainers are great communicators and really are committed to delivering the bets possible services to the kids and their families."

Marcus Wicher, Principal (ASPS)

" Just a quick note to say thanks very much to ABG team for another awesome year of Robotics! Robotics is a great activity for Haileybury students of various year levels to work collaboratively and learn problem-solving and creativity skills in a very supportive and well-staffed environment. Robotics is James’ absolute favourite after school class - looking forward to another great year in 2020. "

Kirsten Laidlaw - Parent(Brighton)

" My daughter joined the robotics class recently and she really enjoys attending the class. She is learning how to invent games and wants to continue programming. Teachers are very friendly and supportive. I recommend joining Aerobotics."

Cloe, Parent (Lynbrook)

" The team at Aerobotics Global has done an amazing Job in supporting Jake with learning Robotics. Recently Jake has competed in innovation based science competition and came first place! Aerobotics global has been instrumental in helping Jake achieve this. Keep up the amazing work, thank you."

Tegh Deol, Lynbrook

Our students are getting recognised across the country

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If your child does not want to come back after the first session we will refund the remaining sessions.


Helping Students

Fall In Love With Innovation

Using Real Robots and Real Code.

Robotics and coding after school programs for kids

Aerobotics Global provides a deep learning experience; giving students an education in technology, robotics and A.I. that shows STEM at work.
Preparing students for the future of study and work through quality robotics education and hands-on experience with real robots.

Course Information

Level 1

“Foundation of Robotics” 

The ‘Junior Robotics’ is the basic robotics program for students intended to introduce them to the field of robotics. This program focuses on the fundamentals of robotics and coding where they will build their robot from start to finish and further code the robots using the drag and drop programming language. Students will be encouraged to think out of the box and develop their own way of solving problems.

Problem Statement: Building and coding an autonomous robot using sensors and actuators.

Robotics for kids

What’s Included

  • IR sensors
  • DC Motors
  • Motor Driving Board
  • LED bulbs  
  • Arduino Uno Board

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Introduction to Coding

What we provide: We provide you with a basic robotics kit to create Aebo

Program suited for: Age 7 & above

Duration: 8 Weeks

Total Hrs: 8 Hours

Timings: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Requirements: Laptop/Computer/Mac ~ [Note:- No Chromebooks and iPad]

Course Cost: $249 

Robot Cost: $149*    

*Pay once for the robot and just pay for the add ons for next level 


Level 2

“Path Finding Robot” 

Problem Statement: Imagine a major water pipe in your city is experiencing a blockage causing a shortage of water to the residents. Council is required to act quickly on it. Digging up the whole pipe is an expensive and time-consuming solution. Engineers want to design and code a robot to autonomously go inside the pipe and identify the location of the blockage. This would reduce the time and cost of repair.Holiday program for kids

Add ons

  • Liquid crystal display
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Servo Motors

Learning Outcomes

  • Mathematical calculations
  • Real-life scenario-based problem statements

What we provide: Now that you have a basic kit, we provide you with the add ons that can convert your Aebo into a Path Finding Robot. 

Program suited for: Age 7 & above

Prerequisite: Level 1

Duration: 8 Weeks

Total Hrs: 8 Hours

Timings: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Requirements: Laptop/Computer/Mac ~ [Note:- No Chromebooks and   iPads

Course Cost: $249 

Add on Cost: $59 


Level 3

“Soccer Bot” 

Problem Statement: Have you played soccer in video games before? You can move and control players around using a joystick. What about building a robot controlled by a wireless remote/joystick. Your child will learn joystick controls, analog values and bluetooth communication and make the robot to play a soccer match. There will be a soccer match in and the team with the highest number of goals will be the winner.

Add ons

  • Bluetooth Module
  • Wireless Controller
  • Servo Motors
  • Soccer Flaps

Learning Outcomes

  • Wireless communication
  • Data transfer through wireless communication.

What we provide: Now that your Aebo is a Path Finding Robot we provide add ons to convert it into a Soccer Bot.

Program suited for: Age 7 & above

Prerequisite: Level 2

Duration: 8 Weeks

Total Hrs: 8 Hours

Timings: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Requirements: Laptop/Computer/Mac ~ [Note:- No Chromebooks and iPads]

Course Cost: $249

 Add ons cost: $79 


Level 4

“The Emergency Bot”

Problem Statement: Our security department uses many robots for dangerous tasks. How about building your own robot for the same? In this holiday program, your child will build and code a robot to find pick up any suspicious object and move it to a safe location. The can be controlled via a wireless remote or can be programmed to finish the task autonomously.

Holiday Activities for Kids

Add ons

  • Robotic Arm
  • Servo Motors

Learning Outcomes

  • Complex algorithm
  • Complex calculations
  • Wireless communication of string and integer values
  • Variable conversions

What we provide: Now that your Aebo is a Soccer Bot we provide you with add ons to convert it into The Emergency Bot.

Program suited for: Age 7 & above

Prerequisite: Level 3

Duration: 8  Weeks

Total Hrs: 8 Hours

Timings: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Requirements: Laptop/Computer/Mac ~ [Note:- No Chromebooks and iPads]

Course Cost: $249

Add ons Cost: $69