Roboticists have enchanted and captured the imagination of the world by designing human-like robots that are capable of performing complex tasks in an effortless manner. Famously known as humanoids, these robots are relieving humans from jobs that are tedious, repetitive, and sometimes even dangerous.
BiPED is an advanced level robotics workshop that aims to help you design and build your own Humanoid that’s capable of sensing, walking, recognizing, and thinking just like a human being. If you have basic knowledge regarding the use of actuators and sensors, you are ready to become a professional roboticist and start a small robotics research lab on your desk. You will be using complex algorithms along with sensors, actuators, and various other components to make your first humanoid robot.
On the other hand, if you are passionate about robotics but the required skills and knowledge, you can enroll to our basic workshops that will provide you elementary robotics knowledge and prepare you for BiPED.

What to Expect?

You must have attended robotics competitions or seen videos of humanoids playing football, performing emergency drills, or moving through uneven terrains with great ease. This advanced level workshop will help you build a humanoid that’s capable of performing all these tasks.
Whether you want to build a hardware-version of your favorite Xbox game or you want to design a robot that exhibits fine motor control and can pick up and manipulate objects, BiPED will provide you the advanced knowledge and skills you need to make your robotics dream a reality. At the end of the two-hour workshop, we will organize a competition so that you can test your skills and compete against other workshop attendees. What’s more, with our annual robotics competition, you will get an opportunity to compete on a national level and showcase your invention to the industry experts.
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