Coding is the future world. Coding helps kids to build their creativity and increase their problem solving skills. In this competitive world, coding becomes mandatory for every children to succeed in their life. The curiosity  to learn coding among the kids is quite natural today. The usage of electronic gadgets in daily life is increasing day by day , hence children are aware of coding importance.Coding for children should be taught in a fun way. The way and mode of teaching coding for the kids plays a vital role here. Hence the teacher should learn the teaching mode , which makes the coding session an interactive one.

Coding enhances the thinking skills in the early childhood. By learning to write programs, kids self-confidence increases and their ability to handle their problems in their daily life enhances day by day. The ability of the kids to code vary from one another. Some kids have the capability to code faster on other hand some takes time to do the same. Failure is the stepping stone to success. Hence children should be encouraged to code again and again in a fun way. In some cases different teaching mode works out for  different children. In this digital world every children loves coding.

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