With the growth of technology , there is also huge development in the fields of robotics. Usually robots were created to do  kind of  jobs which are dangerous for humans. Many robots were invented for different purposes. Lets see some of the inventions in robotics field.

  • Joseph Engelberger  known to be the Father Of Robotics.
  • Rancho Arm – Artificial Robotic Arm was created for physically disabled people.
  • Shakey  – First mobile Robot controlled by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Stanford Arm – First computer controlled electrically powered Robotic Arm.
  • Wabot – 1 – World’s first full-scale humanoid intelligent Robot.
  • Takeo Kanade – World’s First direct drive robotic Arm.
  • RoboTuna – Bio-mimetic robot which mimics the real blue fin tuna as it swims in water.
  • AIBO – The Robotic Dog.
  • QRIO – The Running humanoid Robot.
  • ASIMO – The First Robot to mimic human perambulations.
  • Roomba – The Home cleaning Robot.
  • BigDog – Acrobatic Humanoid Robot.

The inventions in robotics field goes on increasing day by day. Today the most fast growing field is the Robotics. To move along with this fast growing field , we invite all to join our After school and Holiday Program on Robotics.

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