Programming languages play a vital role in this programming world. Even kids are very interested to learn programming and coding. There are many programming languages like C,C++,Java,Python. Lets have a look at C++.

C++ language is a general purpose language developed by Bjarne Stroustup. It is a free-form programming language and case-sensitive . C++ finds its wide application in developing games , animated software, operating system, database software,  web browsers and many more.

Like all programming languages, C++ too has basic concepts which includes variables , control structures. A variable name is one which holds a value that can be changed. The value each variable represents depends on the data type defined for it. The data type can take the values of integer, character, boolean, double and float.

Integer data type variable can hold the integer values. Character data type can hold characters like ‘a’ , ‘g’. Boolean data type holds the value true or false. Double data type can hold double precision floating value. Float data type can hold single precision floating value.These are some of the basic data types supported in the programming language namely C++.

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