The robots have not just landed in the workplace; they are already replacing human workers by showing incredible productivity and efficiency. From McDonald’s Create Your Taste kiosk that allows customers to create their own burger without the need of interacting with a human being to collaborative robot arms designed by Universal Robots that’s being used by a number of industries, robots have replaced their human counterparts in a number of industries.
This technological transformation has made jobless future a reality for many individuals who are employed in low-skill, fundamentally predictable jobs that require little or no decision making and critical thinking. So, what can ambitious 20-somethings do to protect their future? What skills should a student learn today to find a job tomorrow? To find an answer, we need to first gain an understanding of the changing employment landscape.

The Changing Employment Landscape

There is no denying the fact that robots have become an integral part of today’s modern workplace. From operating machines and driving cars to performing surgeries and dispensing medicines, robots are capable of performing a variety of tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy than a human being. Therefore, in the near future, it is most likely that robots will become a common sight at restaurants, hospitals, and more factories.

However, programming, controlling, and maintaining these robots will remain a job for human beings. Whether you aim to work in the healthcare industry or you want to establish a career in the retail sector, you will be able to secure a job in your desired industry only if you are skilled at robotics. While it’s true that the nature of work will change with advancements in robotics, there would still be plenty of work for you to do. For example, there may be fewer people sorting items in a warehouse because robots can do that job better than human beings. But the need to analyse data, mine and manage information, and design and maintain robots will create more jobs. Therefore, to stay employable in future, it is imperative for an individual to build their expertise in robotics, machine learning, and other critical skills.

The Rise of Robots and a Need for Curricular Reform

Considering the impact of technological advancement on employment landscape, it is important that schools don’t train students for jobs that won’t exist in the future. Educational institutions, particularly schools, need to develop a STEM-focused curriculum that can teach students the critical skills they need to build a rewarding career in today’s technology-driven world.

Another way to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow is to organise robotics workshops and competition. Robotics is one of those very few disciplines that only offer a STEM-integrated learning experience to students, but also foster critical thinking, teamwork, and organisation. A robotics workshop allows students to experiment and design and build their own robot, which makes the entire process more fun and engaging.

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