Recent studies indicate a substantial rise in the number children diagnosed with autism in Australia. In the financial year 2015-16, more than 6,000 children were diagnosed with autism in the country. This accounts to an average of 16.5 new autistic children each day.

Although autism varies from one case to another, affected individuals experience similar traits: repetitive behavior, delayed speech development, difficulties making eye contact or maintaining nonverbal communication and more.

Additionally, there are different types of autism spectrum disorders. Each type is usually caused by different genetic and environmental factors.

Generally, children tend to exhibit signs of autism between the ages of 2 and 3. But, it can be diagnosed around 18 months in some cases.

How robots can help autistic children

While there is no known cure for autism, several treatments can help autistic children deal with the challenges associated with the condition.

Interestingly, recent research shows a link between autism and robots. Several studies reveal that autistic children may learn better from robots than from human teachers.

Robots are helping autistic children in significant ways. Interacting with robots can help improve the social, communication and motor skills of autistic children.

Autistic children can find robots less intimidating than humans. Robots can serve as a conventional therapy for children suffering from autism.

Autistic children experience difficulties interacting with other people. They have trouble processing and understanding other people’s emotions.

Robots have a predictable, fixed behavior. Autistic children may find interacting with a machine easier since they have to focus on one aspect of communication.

Not to mention, interacting with autistic children also requires a lot of patience. A robot can provide frequent repetition.

Autistic children may be more comfortable interacting with a robot than a human. Robots look like a toy and add an element of fun to the conversation. This is another reason why kids may find them approachable.

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