Robotics courses for students

Aerobotics Global is proud to offer comprehensive robotics training sessions in schools across Melbourne. We design and develop engaging, innovative robotics courses for school children, particularly for students in grade 2 to 11. From beginner to advanced, these courses cover both levels.

Offering an experiential, practical learning experience

At Aerobotics Global, we are deeply passionate about everything STEM. After all, technology is rapidly transforming the face of the world. With an aim to help youth keep up with these vital changes, we provide a STEM–driven educational program.

Our robotics courses are designed to deliver an experiential, practical learning experience to develop tomorrow’s innovative technological thinkers and problem solvers. Each course comprises theoretical and practical aspects of robotics education.

The education and training solutions offered by us allow kids to acquire the 21st century skills. Coupled with acquiring STEM education, children also improve critical life skills, including teamwork, organisation, management and communication.

In addition, our specialist trainers leave no stone unturned in ensuring every child receives a hands-on, holistic learning experience. They make use of advanced technology and techniques to help students build robots. The use of real robots leads to a fun, engaging and superior educational experience.

Our trainers continuously encourage students to discover, question, explore unlimited dimensions of robotics. Children construct and deconstruct robot models and use it anyway they want. From programming to coding, our professional trainers teach students a range of aspects of robotics. In case a child needs guidance, our amicable trainers are available throughout the course to assist them.

At Aerobotics Global, we have an impressive record of providing high quality, integrated robotics courses to schools in Melbourne. We design robotics courses that cater to a school’s specific educational needs.

Robotics education should be an essential part of a child’s learning. It can enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills and prepare them for today’s technology driven era.

Our robotics classes introduce kids to ‘real’ robots and not any pre-made kits or toys.

During each class, students get the chance to utilise the latest robots and components, which makes learning fun and practical. Using real robots also helps to generate their interest in STEM education.

If you’re interested in signing up to our robotics courses, schedule an appointment now. Email at info@aeroboticsglobal.com and we will get back shortly.