Robotics and Coding in Schools

Robotics in school

7 million

More than 7 million Australians are at risk of having their jobs either automated out of existence or augmented by robots and artificial intelligence in the next 15 years, data modelling commissioned by the Australian Computer Society has found (source)
And while many new jobs will also be created by technology, we are entering a period of rapid transition.

It’s not too late, let’s act on it NOW. 

Setup Robotics and Coding in Your School.

What we can offer

While every school wants to bring in robotics and coding for their students, many face challenges with resources, robotic kits and other technical challenges.

We bring you the courses, the robotic kits and educators for up to three years. Our engineers and educators are constantly reviewing and updating our offering to ensure that we bring you the latest technologies and knowledge.

The course can be embedded into the school curriculum, extracurricular activities, after school program or holiday program.

We can also offer PD & Coaching, Incursions or anything to fit your needs in robotics and coding.

The courses and the kits are best suited for students in Year 2 and above.

Small or big we can set up robotics and coding course in your school.

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Schools with us

  • After School Program at Toorak College
  • After School Pragram for kids
  • Auburn South PS
and more…

Key student take-aways

Each student gets to build their robots from components designed by our engineers at ABG.

Students can take their robots home so they can practice, rebuild and explore the unlimited potential of open source development platforms.

Unique progressive course structure allowing ongoing engagement with a learning pathway.

A technology-driven learning experience that will teach them all the skills they need to thrive in the ever-changing world that lies ahead of them.

Students have an opportunity to participate in technology-based competitions across Australia.

Students are in safe hands with our qualified educators. Our educators are handpicked, trained, background checked and carry a valid WWCC.