SoFi Robot

SoFi, the soft robotic fish is made of silicon rubber. It is made with the great intent of closer study to aquatic life. During its test dives SoFi was able to swim up to the depth of 40 ft. SoFi is more light-weight and engages a much simpler setup. A simple motor inside the robot enables the swimming action. The hydraulic system inside the robot is responsible for the varying speeds during swimming. Even though this robot is very successful in the field of underwater , some more improvements need to be done , to make it work efficiently.

Likewise robotics is growing in all the fields in this digital world. Such an up-growing field needs to be educated among the young generations. Right from the young age kids are required to know about the importance of education . Educating kids about the fast growing and the most popular field namely Robotics is mandatory.

In Melbourne there are many robotics education center. Each one excels in their own. One such is the Aeroboticsglobal. It is the most outstanding robotics education center. Employing the most skilled and experienced staff , Aeroboticsglobal has brought out colorful results in the recent robotics competitions.

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