Teachers Training Academy

Effective teachers don’t teach. They don’t compel their students to sit still while they state the facts. They don’s suppress the creativity and innovation of students by asking them to follow a standardised process. Instead, they allow students to experiment. They use a learning-by-doing approach to trigger a child’s instinct to learn. They plan lessons that are in line with a student’s natural exuberance and curiosity. Simply put, effective teachers leave a positive and profound impact on the future success of their students, and this is what we precisely teach at Teachers Training Academy. Designed for teachers who want to train themselves up in robotics, our robotics training programs will not only help you get acquainted with robotics, but will also teach you how to utilise those concepts and skills to create a technology-driven, futuristic, and fruitful classroom experience.

Enhance your teaching skills!

Looking for a robotics teacher training program in Melbourne? We have got you covered! We offer comprehensive robotics education programs to high school teachers. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience in teaching, our certified trainers can help teachers at all levels enhance their technical knowhow and skills. We provide robotics training to teachers in small groups to ensure they get the personal attention they need. Each class covers various theoretical and practical aspects of robotics. Enrol now to take your teaching skills to the next level!
As a premier robotics training center in Melbourne, we strive to provide a real learning experience to teachers using real machines and technology. We do not utilise pre-made robotics kits or toys.

To learn more about Teachers Training Academy, please call at 1800 AEROBOTICS (237626) or email at info@aeroboticsglobal.com.