All kids are born with different talents. Talents should be brought up from the kids by encouraging them and inducing the built-in capability of the kids. One may have creativity , readability, story telling and so on can be added to the lists. Just education alone can’t build a kids future , all other extra curricular activities also play a vital role in the kids life. So all parents should focus on the extra curricular too apart from academics.

Creativity can’t be forced on any one. It is quite a natural one that is present in a kid from birth. But it needs to be triggered frequently . Triggering is nothing but just doing some activities to enhance the creativity or the other abilities present in them. Kids usually can’t be forced to do things they don’t wish to do. Parents should encourage the kids in doing the tasks they prefer rather than forcing things to be done as wished by parents.

Here at Aeroboticsglobal we give first importance on kids interest and then follow up according to their interest for programming. Programming can be done easily. Programming becomes more popular in the future. So just get yourself updated to face the future.

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